Excellence in Financial Service Awards: Miami.

Author:Briones, Mariana Gutierrez

December 3, 2013

Four Seasons


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Overall intro: During our Excellence in Financial Services Awards we had the opportunity to chat one to one with the evening's celebrated leaders. Here they share their insights, priorities and motivation and why preparing for the future matters.



With anything you undertake in life, if you do not have passion for it, it will not become anything. You're only a follower. If you want to be a leader, you have to work with a lot of passion. And in this industry, that means that you have to spend a lot of time with your customers and know and understand their needs. After talking to someone, I learn a little about their life, their economic profile; I try to understand or ask what concerns them most. And almost all of us are concerned about family: our wives, our children, perhaps grandchildren in the future. But we don't ask ourselves what will happen when we are no longer here. Unfortunately, as Latinos, we do not have that culture of preparing for the future that Americans do. And that is one of the things that motivates me the most. How can I help my brother go forward and be a successor chain to parents and families? How can I make sure that everything is done and delivered just like it should be? We as Latinos do not take life insurance to heart. So I believe it is my duty to help these families and make the dreams they have for their children come true. I am constantly analyzing how I can help them plan ahead financially so that all of their goals are accomplished. And this can be difficult because we wait until the last minute to plan. We spend a whole year preparing a once-a week vacation, but we seldom think about the bigger picture.

We do not plan for retirement by saving money, and we don't think about those we will leave behind. But those challenges are why my job is so fulfilling: because I want us Latinos to be a stronger power, a true economic power in this country, and to be recognized for the potential we have.

Passion, love of men and very hard work are the secrets to success in this industry. You have to love what you do, regardless of whether it is lucrative or not. If you are doing something that fulfills you and at the same time you earn some money, you're going to feel good. And that is what I try to do. I go to work every day, even if I do not have...

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