Exasol has debuted version 6.2 of its analytics database to further strengthen its already excellent performance, enable even better integration, revamp its enterprise features, and enhance data science capabilities.

Exasol also launched a cloud deployment and a reconfiguration wizard to ease the deployment, configuration, and operation of the Exasol analytics database in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

For organizations, speed to value is critical to achieve business objectives. Since its inception, Exasol has been the undisputed leader in performance, consistently beating TPC-H Benchmarks and other performance indicators. The new release continues to put emphasis in this critical feature. That's why the Exasol team completely refactored the analytic functions of the database to deliver even more outstanding performance and scalability.

The new version of the Exasol database includes over 50,000 new lines of code to support all window frame units and all available sliding windows. Users can now run scoring queries - running sums or averages - with even better performance and a wider array of options, making use of Exasol's in-database analytics abilities.

Exasol also continues to strive for better integration of its database. Another important innovation released with Exasol 6.2 is a Spark connector which enables data scientists to improve efficiency.

Data security has always been a priority for Exasol, and as such, the Exasol team has continued to improve the security and compliance features of its database. In Exasol 6.2, DBAs have a powerful framework to implement row level security based on the virtual schema...

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