Overview and examples of NARA San Francisco historical resources then and now, 1975-2005.

Author:Nealand, Daniel
Position:1I Paper Summary - National Archives and Records Administration

In 1975, the National Archives Pacific Region--San Francisco published its very first Reference Information Paper, Chinese Studies in Federal Records. First discussed were case files of U.S. District and Circuit Courts in San Francisco, from 1850 to the 1970s. Besides famous cases, the publication includes unexplored nineteenth- to early twentieth-century case files. Indexed RG 21 habeas corpus files, 1882-1883, predate our renowned INS immigration files collection and are in essence the earliest surviving Chinese Exclusion Act case files. Also covered was RG 36, U.S. Bureau of Customs--San Francisco. Of special interest is Correspondence for the Collector of Customs dated 1882-1900. The San Francisco Customs Bureau initially developed and enforced Chinese Exclusion Act procedures.

In 1976, NARA received records of RG 90, the U.S. Public Health Service Quarantine Station at Angel Island, 1892-1948. NARA's 250,000 RG 85 Immigration and Naturalization investigative case files, 1884-1950s, were received, beginning in 1987, and included all those available for Angel Island Immigration Station. Post-World War II San Francisco "General Immigration" or "1300" case files, dated 1945-1955, document investigations of post-CEA Chinese...

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