Exaggerated hope?

Author:Brazil, Thomas L.
Position:Correspondence - Letter to the editor

I found Richard John Neuhaus' article "The Much Exaggerated Death of Europe" (May) to be of great interest. Having studied at great length the history of Islam, I was saddened to see a man whom I routinely view as a great thinker skim so lightly over the real historical truth of the spread of Islam when discussing the plight of Europe. I was initially heartened to see the mention of Mark Steyn's America Alone, as he provides real statistics that cannot be refuted; demographics can tell a story that no amount of rhetoric from either side can dismiss. Sadly, a brief mention at the beginning was not enough to bear truth to the reality of the situation.

At the end of Neuhaus' article, however, the phrases "I very much hope" and "I very much wish" sum up the story quite appropriately. No amount of hoping or wishing will change what is occurring. Neuhaus is far too optimistic. Pinning one's hopes and wishes on a peaceful dialogue with a religion that desires submission and treats other religions as lessers is not only wishful thinking; it is dangerous to the long-term prospects for freedom and liberty. When people can freely open Christian churches and Jewish synagogues in traditionally Muslim lands without fear of being attacked, blown up, or beheaded, I'll believe Muslims can coexist with Christians and Jews in a peaceful...

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