ExactPay's Global Clearing proves essential for global business.

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Businesses worldwide are enjoying the benefits of Global Clearing, a new program offered by the ExactPay Network and marketed by Transworld Payment Solutions to make international corporate payments faster, easier and less expensive.

"If your company is spending too much on wire transfers, Global Clearing can dramatically improve your bottom line," said Mike Sanchez, president of Transworld Payment Solutions. "Global Clearing offers the ability to streamline a company's international payment processing from anywhere in the world, plus provides the company with maximum financial control over global payments."

Payments can be made in any currency, anytime and the business can manage its accounts online 24 hours a day, seven clays a week. With the system, hundreds of payments can be made in minutes while saving thousands of dollars in transaction fees.

Global Clearing safeguards against unauthorized usage and maintains transaction data integrity by using a uniquely authenticated and sophisticated transaction engine that delivers error-free data.

With Global Clearing, businesses can:

* Upload large volumes of...

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