Everybody's a Copy Editor.

AuthorHilfman, Randy

The April/May 2019 issue of The Progressive has lots of excellent material, as always. But on page 5, I noticed the shout-out to your two "proofreaders." No matter how long you have been calling them that, I think it would be more accurate to call them "copy editors" or "copyeditors." The words "proofreader" and "copy editor" are not really mutually interchangeable, even though they're sometimes used that way.

P.S.: In the fourth paragraph on page 5, the preferred American spelling of one of the words in the second line is "phony," not "phoney." On page 68, in Dave Zirin's column, it should be "fit to a T," not "fit to a tee."

--Randy Hilfman

Woodinville, Washington

Editor's note: "The Other Collusion Scandal" (April/May issue) contained omissions...

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