Evers grants 71 pardons, expands process.


Gov. Tony Evers has granted another 71 pardons, bringing the governor's total number of granted pardons to 263 pardons since the Governor's Pardon Advisory Board was announced in 2019.

With Monday's announcement, the governor is on target to pardon more people in his first term than any governor in contemporary history. The Board heard from applicants virtually in May, June, July and August and applicants the Board recommended for pardon were forwarded to Evers for final consideration.

In addition to granting 71 pardons over the past four months, the governor signed Executive Order 130, making changes to the pardon process.

Executive Order 130 creates a new, expedited process for applications that meet stricter criteria. Under the new process, the chair of the Pardon Advisory Board may send an application directly to the governor without a board hearing if the applicant committed only a non-violent offense and sufficient time has passed since the conviction. All other applications will be heard by the Pardon Advisory Board.

Executive Order 130 is available HERE.

Additionally, a new application is being issued which expands pardon eligibility to ensure individuals who have completed all their...

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