Author:Ellet, Bill
Position:Product/service evaluation

Everest, Video, 2007, CRM Learning, $.

Support: Discussion guide.

What you see is what you get with this DVD.

It doesn't really try to teach you anything. The concepts threaded through its 14 minutes are conventional wisdom about teams. The video has no bulleted lists of key points, no review at the end, and no supplementary materials other than a Discussion Guide.

What this video does very well--at least for me--is put an emotional punch into the potential of teamwork.


The premise of the true story told in the video seems barely credible: a young man wants to climb Mount Everest, but he's blind. Although he's climbed other mountains, Everest is in an entirely different league. Only 10% of the climbers who try the mountain reach the summit. One in six who try, die. And those are people who can see.

A blind mountaineer isn't going to climb by himself. He needs a team and he got one, starting with his old and new climbing partners and 16 others. None of the others had scaled Everest, but the team goal was to get Erik Weihenmayer to the top. The team coalesced around Erik's "vision" of being the first blind person to do that.

Produced by FranklinCovey, this program is stunningly filmed. The visual quality is worthy of a commercial movie. It's economical with settings and conservative in terms of videography (no nervous camera work or gaudy helicopter shots). It intersperses Erik and other team members talking with footage from their climb.

It seems that the team was truly united in achieving the goal. When I watched Erik cross a deep crevasse on a rickety ladder-like contraption, I was tense even though I knew he must have made it. Besides the usual dangers of Everest, the team...

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