Evaluating Insider Threats.

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Insider threats originate from people within an organization (i.e., employees, contractors) who have inside information about the government's security practices, data, and computer systems, according to "The Threat Within," a report based on a flash poll from Government Business Council.

Threats include malicious insiders who intentionally exploit privileged access to data, negligent employees who unintentionally grant access to external threats, and third-party contractors who abuse their access to the government's files, according to the poll. Employee susceptibility is the most common insider threat concern.

Respondents to the poll were most concerned about employee gullibility and misplaced trust (cited by 40 percent). However, 23 percent of respondents weren't worried about any of the threats included in the poll, "despite insiders being responsible for 48 percent of data breaches recorded in 2016."

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