Eto, Miyuki & The Jigoku Shoujo Project. Hell girl.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Hell Girl - Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

ETO, Miyuki & The Jigoku Shoujo Project. Hell girl. Del Rey Manga. 208p. illus, c2008. 978-0345497475. $10.95. S

Have you ever heard of Hell Correspondence, the website that appears at the stroke of midnight? Write in the name of your enemy and The Hell Girl will drag that person down to Hell. The catch: when you die she takes your soul, also. The stories in Hell Girl are episodic, but they follow the same pattern: a person is wronged; she goes to Hell Correspondence and writes in her oppressor's name; The Hell Girl appears and metes out poetic justice. The best story features a girl whose dog gets sick; the vet takes her money and does nothing. When the dog dies her owner writes in the vet's name and he is dragged down to Hell by a mob of scalpel-wielding dogs, cats and rabbits.

Horror fans will like Hell Girl's urban-legend-run-amok premise. This manga doesn't have much of a cast. The protagonists are all young girls whose defining...

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