Esko assists customers in adapting to new nutrition label regulations.

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* Esko has outlined details of a comprehensive strategy for helping companies to adapt their packaging in the face of new compliance regulations on nutritional labeling.

"We are seeing a wave of new legislation being introduced as governments all over the world seek to educate consumers via product packaging," says Philippe Adam, vice president of global marketing at Esko. "For the food and beverage industry, as well as many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, this means keeping on top of all the various regulations and adapting their packaging and business processes accordingly. With our new tailored solutions and smart software capabilities, we can help."

The announcement from Esko follows the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declaring that it is introducing a modernized Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods, with compliance required by July 2018. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has since proposed updated nutritional information for meat and poultry products. Regulators in other countries are taking a similar approach, with new guidelines on communicating nutritional information on packaging announced in Canada and France, with others set to follow.

Depending on the needs of each individual organization and where the target data is stored, Esko has...

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