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The holidays put me behind at work. I took some time off, and now that I'm back, I've got a magazine to get out, performance reviews to conduct, presentations to prepare, etc. It's challenging to focus on any one task, making it difficult to complete anything. I can feel my stress level rising.

In this issue's "How's Your EQ?" (page 36) author Mike Jacka considers how internal auditors can use their emotional intelligence (or quotient) (EQ) to build better relationships throughout the organization. But a recent article in the Harvard Business Review says we can also use EQ--particularly, self-awareness and self-management--to reduce our stress and help us focus.

According to the author, Kandi Wiens, "one of the reasons why some people get burned out and others don't is because they use their [EQ] to manage their stress." In "Break the Cycle of Stress and Distraction by Using Your Emotional Intelligence," Wiens encourages readers to use their self-awareness to notice when they feel stressed and then take several steps to keep focused. One step we can take, she suggests, is limiting our digital access.

The American Psychological Association's (APA's) 2017 Stress in America report says those who check their email, texts, and social media accounts constantly have higher stress levels than those who don't check as frequently. And those who check their work email constantly on their days...

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