Epson introduces GHS compliant technology.

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* To help chemical manufacturers and transporters comply with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labeling standards, Epson America, Inc. has introduced its ColorWorks C831 Wide Label Printer. Designed to ensure consistent labeling of chemical products globally, GHS focuses on conveying health, physical and environmental hazard information using universally understood symbols or pictograms, specific signal words and hazard statements. These standards require that many label elements be printed in vibrant colors to focus attention on potential hazards. In addition, companies can no longer pre-print labels with a variety of pictograms and then cross-out symbols that do not apply to the chemical being shipped.

Epson's ColorWorks C831 with Just in Time Color labeling overcomes these challenges by eliminating the need for color preprints and allowing chemical companies to produce GHS compliant labels at a fraction of the cost of four-color thermal transfer or color laser labels. Ideal for high volume printing of large format drum and chemical labels, the durable...

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