Envision releases four enterprise applications, intelligence portal, Performance Suite 8.2.

Position:New Products - Brief Article

Envision Telephony, Inc., a provider of business solutions for the contact center and the enterprise, has announced a new set of business applications to bring unity between the contact center and the enterprise in order to create a superior customer experience. The new business applications focus on four main areas for improving business: contact center performance, transaction management, customer experience management and enterprise quality. These applications can allow enterprises to gather business intelligence from customer interactions by using analytical tools. The new applications can be used to analyze the content of customer interactions and provide this intelligence to the enterprise in real-time.

In other company news, Envision has announced its new business intelligence portal and new business applications in the CRM arena to provide vital analysis of customer interactions to the entire enterprise. Envision's business intelligence portal can provide access to first-hand feedback from the customer. Each customer...

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