Entry-level course on harassment.

Author:Smith, Valerie

Myths, Facts, and Impacts, 2004, 45 min., Anderson-davis, Inc. (877-235-1350, www.andersondavis.com), $28.95-$34.90 plus LMS setup fee. Course guide, local administrator guide.

Myths, Facts, and Impacts offers a comprehensive overview of sexual harassment concepts. It's a pity, though, that the video and graphics are visually dated. They suggest the program content is stale and possibly outdated, which it most definitely is not.

The online program begins with a pre-test, followed by a series of workplace scenarios. The user judges whether the situation involves sexual harassment. Explanations are provided for both the correct and incorrect responses.

An overview defines the terminology associated with sexual harassment including sexism, sex discrimination, quid pro quo, and third-party sexual harassment. The legal overview is comprehensive including key Supreme Court decisions bearing on the issue. These facts serve as the backdrop for developing skills for preventing, recognizing, and stopping sexually motivated harassment. A comprehensive discussion shows how sexual harassment affects recipients, harassers, coworkers, and management, clearly demonstrating that it has consequences for everyone in the workplace.

Frequent quizzes test participant understanding of terms and definitions. The post-test reviews all of the key information covered in the program.

The supervisor's...

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