Entrepreneurial spotlight.

Position:SMALL BIZ BEAT - Interview

Simon Ng

Company: Wayne State University/NextCAT Inc.

Research Field/Industry: Biofuel/Alternative Energy Technology

In layman's terms, what sort of work are you involved in?

My daytime job as Interim Associate Dean for Research of College of Engineering, Wayne State University, is to coordinate and enhance research activities and scholarship, and to promote interactions between industry and academia. In parallel, I lead a research group in alternative energy technology with a focus on biofuels and battery technology for electric-drive vehicles, As a result of several patent pending technologies we've developed, we formed a start-up company called NextCAT, which stands for Next generation of CATalyst Technology. The start-up company aims to translate university fundamental research into real world applications. Our goal is to revitalize the biodiesel industry worldwide through innovations in catalyst technology.


What advances are you hoping to make with biodiesel?

Our mission is to make next generation biodiesel a reality. For example, we are developing novel technologies to cultivate new feedstock (i.e. micro-algae) for biodiesel, thus avoiding the issue of "food vs. fuel." In addition, our...

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