Enterprises content with outsourcers.

Position:The Outsourcing Market

Lately, any discussion of the teleservices industry has been awash with gloom, doom and uncertainty. Leading the list of troubles is the recent passage of the updated Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), which, among other things, incorporates a national do-not-call list, places restrictions on predictive dialers and mandates that teleservices agencies identify themselves as well as the client on whose behalf they are calling. The new rules are complex and will require teleservices agencies that call consumers on behalf of their clients to make myriad changes to their business processes, not to mention investing in new technologies to comply with the law. Violation of the TSR could result in a fine of $11,000 per call. Because of this, there has been a great deal of speculation that outbound calling to consumers will cease to be an attractive marketing method for businesses and therefore, the outbound teleservices industry will collapse and take with it the jobs of millions.

On par with the TSR, the teleservices industry has been wracked with anxiety over the threat imposed by offshore outsourcers who are competing for domestic teleservices agencies' clients with exponentially lower costs and educated workforces.

Nevertheless, all of this anxiety and predictions of impending doom may be for naught. According to a report released by TMC Research, "The Worldwide Teleservices Oursourcing Market: Analysis & Forecast, 2003," enterprises that outsource (and therefore pay the bills for teleservices agencies) are content with the marketing arrangements they have established with their current outsourcers and few have plans to make any changes in their partnerships with teleservices agencies. In fact, according to TMC Research, 55% of their respondents said their satisfaction level with the teleservices agency that...

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