"Entanglement on the verge of extinction".

AuthorCasillas, Raul
PositionRaul Casillas Romo's painting

Raul Casillas Romo is a self-taught artist, born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently living in Vancouver, British Colombia. He works for the film industry as a lead set dresser, and on his own paintings and passions. He has studied marine biology and sailed the Caribbean on the Research Vessel Heraclitus on a project sponsored by the U.K. Institute of Ecotechnics to do marine research and coral reef surveys for the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation. As an artist Raul has been influenced by all 25 countries and cultures that he has experienced, as well as by the Surreal Fantastic Visionary Art Movement, which counts "eco-conscious" artists Mark Henson and Alex Grey among its members.


Raul recently unveiled his oil painting "Entanglement on the Verge of Extinction" at Toronto's Meta Gallery. This piece was created over the period 2003-07 in between working on various film productions. The vision came to Raul at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and took over 1,200 hours to complete. The painting includes small multimedia elements such as photo and nature inlays and gold leaf details.


"Entanglement" is about "how...

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