Enhance point-of-display merchandising to boost sales.

Author:Ayoob, Massad
Position:Lethal Force

A quality handgun, rifle or shotgun does not carry an inconsequential price tag. Only for your most wealthy customers is such a purchase made on a whim. This means, it's generally necessary to convince the customer that the product--right here, right now--is what he wants and needs.

The wise dealer doesn't just lay a product out and say, "Take it or leave it." The product must be merchandised.

Walk into the showroom of the most successful automobile dealership near you. What do you see? Yes, the new 2004 Whizmobile will be prominently displayed. What is around it?

There's probably a sign that says "2004 Whizmobile: Car and Driver's Sport Sedan of the Year." Close at hand are handsomely printed handout materials, which list the...

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