Engineering Project of the Year Nominees.

AMC Engineers

The Dr. Katherine and Dr. Kevin Gottlieb Building

This new 112,400-square-foot facility supports a variety of client groups, including children's dental, OBGYN, pediatric neuro, and behavioral healthcare clinics. It has an associated 259.000-square-foot parking structure with a three-level skybridge connecting it to the clinic building.

Providing consistency and continuity throughout the building was challenging due to the multiple client groups and their individualized needs. Specialized tasks inherent in clinical environments meant that the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design was critical for success. Ongoing communication with end users was crucial to ensure the design supported the requirements of each individual group.

Integration of the MEP systems into the architectural elements was a primary consideration from the beginning. The architectural vision for the building and interior common spaces was to incorporate a natural Alaska feel with mountain, river, and glacier influenced themes. Accomplishing this vision required careful coordination with the owner and architect to provide finishes that accentuate the Alaska concept while using standard equipment. This enabled costs to be minimized due to the budget restrictions associated with this designbuild project.

The parking structure presented its own unique design challenges, due to a combination of the owners' desire for heightened security, a belowground level, and the existing highwater table. For heightened security, increased lighting levels, access control, surveillance cameras, and emergency phones were provided throughout the structure. To overcome the high-water table issue, a lift station, with water level controls and alarms, was provided to monitor and control against belowgrade flooding.


Seward Highway: Dimond Boulevard to Dowling Road Reconstruction

As the only roadway connecting Anchorage to and from the south, Seward Highway serves the Anchorage community and through-travelers as a vital transportation corridor. The central and southern portions of the Anchorage Bowl, as well as the Kenai Peninsula, have experienced significant growth in recent years, resulting in similar traffic volume increases in the project vicinity.

The Seward Highway: Dimond Boulevard to Dowling Road Reconstruction project is the second in a series of scheduled projects to improve safety, capacity, access, and connectivity on the Seward Highway between Rabbit...

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