Engaging the texts--welcome to the new editor of Preaching Helps!(Preaching Helps)

Author:Lundblad, Barbara K.

Fifth Sunday in Lent--Seventh Sunday of Easter

This is my first issue as editor of Preaching Helps and I am honored to begin this work with all of you. I say "with all of you" because preaching is never a solitary task but one done in the company of colleagues and congregants. Also I will be looking for writers for future issues of Currents and I'm happy to receive your recommendations. We know there are many preaching resources available in print and online. What we try to do in Currents is offer brief comments that are accessible and easy to take along wherever you are working on a sermon. Long-time readers may notice that I have changed the name of the first section of Preaching Helps to "Engaging the Texts" rather than "First Reading." The former title seemed confusing since that is also the name of the first lectionary reading and whenever possible, writers will comment on all three readings and sometimes the Psalm as well.

I recently retired from Union Theological Seminary in New York City where I taught preaching for seventeen years. Before that I served as a parish pastor in northern Manhattan and as campus pastor at two New York City colleges. In spring 2015 I will teach preaching at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. I am grateful to Karyn Wiseman and Brad Froslee for accepting my invitation to write during a very busy time at the end of the semester and the beginning of Advent.

The Rev. Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman is Associate Professor of Homiletics at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. An Elder in the United Methodist Church, she pastored congregations in Kansas and New Jersey for fifteen years. She received a Ph.D. in...

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