Engaging new voters.

Author:Wilson, Mary G.
Position:OUT FRONT

What a magnificent election season the League had! Thanks to all League members and supporters who made our work a success for the people for whom it really matters--the voters.


And now, as many of you have already heard me say, the real work begins.

This election, young people in the 18-to 29-year-old group actively participated in the process--not only by voting, but also by working in campaigns, talking about the candidates and issues that were important to them, and turning out in massive numbers at rallies to hear for themselves what the candidates had to say. The level of their engagement in the process is exciting for those of us who recognize that our democracy depends on citizen involvement. We have a bright young cadre of citizens who understand the concept that making your voice heard in our governmental system is a right, a privilege and a responsibility. And, yes, it can produce real results! I hope you join me in saluting the youth of today, who are our leaders of tomorrow.

Your LWVUS Board plans to find new ways to work with the young people who showed such fervor during the election season. This group of citizens uses tools of citizen participation that most of us older folks have barely heard of--Twitter, twittervision, social networking Web sites, blogging, micro-blogging. Let's work with them and incorporate their methods into our repertoire to make our advocacy and education efforts...

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