Energy in the moment.

Author:Ellis, Josh
Position:FROM SUCCESS - Editorial

I met Tony Robbins for the first time this past spring, at a special screening of the Netflix documentary Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. I had heard plenty of stories about the man, read his books and listened to interviews with him. I thought I knew what to expect. But I was still blown away.

What strikes you most about Robbins in person is the energy he has for the moment. For all the lessons he can share on strategy and leadership, for all of the positivity he radiates, and for all his charisma, the most compelling thing about him is just how awake, alive and present he seems at all times.

That energy is contagious. Being around Robbins has the same effect as walking through a Las Vegas casino, with its heightened levels of oxygen pumping in through the vents--your senses are heightened, and your ability to focus is amplified. The appeal is obvious. We wanted to explore the Robbins phenomenon on a deeper level in this issue, getting to know him up close in the cover story by Editor-at-Large Michael J. Mooney (Page 34) and in my audio interview with him for this month's SUCCESS Talks, as well as from afar. In researching Robbins, Assistant Editor Cecilia Meis took the opportunity to attend one of Robbins' massive seminars. When she told her story to us in the office, Meis drilled down to what makes our appreciation for coaches and mentors like Robbins so great: As unbiased observers, they see our lives more clearly than we see ourselves.

Think about what insights you might give a stranger about his life. Without knowing a thing about this person, his talents, challenges, circumstances or fortunes, you might assure him how lucky he is to have this unexplainable experience of consciousness and power...

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