Enemies foreign and dosmetic: Mathew Bracken, 2003, Steel Cutter Publishing.

Author:Codrea, David

"A stadium massacre leads to the banning of all semi-automatic rifles," the teaser on the jacket reads. "But who really fired the fatal shots, and why?"

The answer, we learn, involves nothing less than a modern day Reichstag fire, engineered and instigated by an evil and ambitious ATF supervisor and his squad of violent agency misfits. The political fallout of the stadium shooting is a national ban on "assault weapons." With free rein to create more "domestic terror" incidents, and with unprincipled politicians and a complicit media, gun owners are easily demonized as a manipulated public demands more "security."

All Brad Fallon wanted to do was restore his vintage sailboat, Guajira, take his savings from three years of working ANWR oil fields, and cruise the world. He hadn't counted on his interest and proficiency in shooting being used to entrap him, or being ultimately forced into covert rebellion against rogue federal agents.

But back a man into a corner with other men--all proficient in modern weaponry, and all unbending believers in liberty--make it clear that you mean to destroy...

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