Empowering extremists.

Author:Stern, Kenneth S.
Position:JEWISH WORD - Letter to the editor

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is confusing to many. If you look at the movement's foundational documents and statements of its leaders, it is clear that the goal is an end to the State of Israel. The return of Palestinian refugees is a key BDS demand.

Many BDS supporters are outraged that Israel has occupied the West Bank for nearly a half-century. They may not be aware, or care, that BDS's stated goals are much broader than an end to settlements and occupation, or that many Jews see in BDS the latest in the long history of boycotts of Jews, with the Jewish state substituted for the Jewish people.

The most pernicious part of BDS is the call for a boycott of Israeli academics and/ or...

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