Employment agency staffing: high tech and people savvy, agencies save time and money.

Author:Sergeant, Deborah Jeanne


The economy's gradual recovery may bring unexpected changes to your work force. As a result, your company's staffing needs can shift. If you need to hire temps or fill long-term positions, consider turning to an employment agency for help. Employment agencies' industry relationships, variety of services and smart innovations may be a cost-effective solution compared with the "do-it-yourself" approach.

Especially if your company needs specially trained, highly skilled employees, it's a terrific time to snap up top talent for brief assignments or for the long haul. With other companies downsizing and folding, "there is an abundance of applicants looking for work," said Cindy Schelber, owner of Personnel Plus, an employment agency in Anchorage.

"If a company needs a temporary accounts payable clerk to catch them up on their payables, their temporary might easily be someone overqualified for that role who is willing to take the step back because it's only temporary," said Susan Ahrens, regional manager Adams and Associates, an employment agency in Anchorage. "The time to train this overqualified person would be minimal and they would most likely require less time to complete the job because of their experience and level of expertise."


Other qualified candidates who are still working keep their eyes open for opportunities to jump ship, without officially quitting until they have something solid lined up elsewhere. To connect with these top people may be more difficult than you'd think because they aren't seeking employment with the same motivation as someone without a job.

That's where an employment agency can help you scout out new talent. They can help you find key people, even if these talented applicants' job search is somewhat lukewarm.

"We can present candidates who might not actively be looking for work," said Mike Houston, vice president of sales and marketing for OTPI Staffing Group in Anchorage, "but are interested in other opportunities.


That enables us to tap into an unseen candidate pool. A lot of times that helps us find people who can add to the bottom line right away."

If your company needs to drastically slash payroll overhead, employment agencies also can help you save by allowing you to rehire laid-off staff on a project basis, a trend observed by Theresa Wasson, district manager for Kelly Services in Anchorage.

"Overall, it saves them money," she said.


An employment agency can facilitate your company's transition from a mostly employee-based work force to a more consultant-based work force without so much of a learning curve since your former staffers (now your consultants) already know your business well. You may also be surprised at the number of your current staff who would...

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