Employers moving ahead with vax mandates.

Amajority of employers remain committed to requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID even if courts do eventually rule that OSHA cannot make them do so.

Sixty percent of employers say they're moving ahead with plans for a vaccine mandate, according to a survey of 300 larger employers (more than 100 workers) by the Gartner business advisory firm.

Another 30% of companies say they are waiting to see how legal challenges to OSHA's mandate play out (see In the News box at left). Just 10% were pulling back from previous plans to require workers to be vaccinated based on the court's freeze of mandate rules.

For employers struggling to decide which approach to follow, here are some considerations:

Your location. Do you operate in a state with an anti-mandate executive order or law? If so, explore your options with your attorney. Some states--including Arizona, Florida and Utah--limit private-sector vaccine mandates in some way.

Generally, federal law overrides state law when there is clear federal jurisdiction over the issue. But with litigation over the OSHA...

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