Employee Safety and Health

AuthorJane Matheson
Chapter 10
EmployEE SafEty and HEaltH
Authored by Jane Matheson
A. Purpose and Scope of OSH Act
B. Compliance Obligations
1. Health and Safety Standards
2. General Duty Clause
3. Multi-Employer Worksites
C. Enforcement Procedure
A. Selection of Employers for Inspections
1. Programmed Inspections
2. Non-Programmed Inspections
3. Other Targeting Programs
4. Exemptions From OSHA Inspection
B. Inspection of Work Site
1. Compliance Officer Announces Presence
2. Opening Conference
3. Walkaround
a. Employer Representative May Accompany Compliance Officer
b. Employee Representative May Accompany Compliance Officer
4. Employee Interviews
5. Records Review
6. Closing Conference
C. Issuance of Citations
1. Types of Citations
2. Posting Requirement
3. Informal Conference
D. Uncontested Citation
1. Abatement of Violations and Payment of Penalties
Texas employmenT law 10-2
2. Follow-Up Inspections
E. Contested Citation
1. Notice of Contest
a. Properly Filed
b. Improperly Filed
2. Penalty Criteria
3. Simplified Proceedings
4. Opportunity to Settle
5. Appeal
6. Penalties
a. Violations
b. Egregious-Case (Instance-by-Instance)
7. Admissibility of Citations in Subsequent Actions
8. Defending Against OSHA Citation
a. Challenge Prima Facie Case
b. Statute of Limitations
c. Citation Not Issued With Reasonable Promptness
d. Unpreventable Employee Misconduct
e. Compliance Infeasible
f. Greater Hazard
g. Fair Notice Complaint
9. Recovering Costs of Contest
F. Use of Section 11(b) Enforcement Procedures
G. Criminal Penalties
A. Common Law Duty to Provide Safe Workplace
B. Texas Statutes Governing Occupational Safety and Health
1. Texas Occupational Safety Act
2. Agricultural Hazard Communication Act
3. Hazard Communication Act
4. High Voltage Overhead Lines
5. Standards for Boilers
6. Trench Safety
7. Rejected Risk Provisions
8. Prohibition of Concealed Handguns
C. Miscellaneous

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