Employee Records

AuthorRani C. Garcia and Justin H. Smith
Chapter 15
By Rani C. Garcia and Justin H. Smith
A. The Fair Labor Standards Act
1. Coverage
2. Payroll Records
a. Non-Exempt Employees
b. Executive, Administrative, Professional, or Outside Sales Employees
c. Additional Recordkeeping Categories for Certain Exempt Employees
3. Wage and Hour Records
4. Retention Periods
a. Three Years
b. Two Years
5. Form of Retention
6. Location and Inspection
7. Posting and Notice Requirements
8. Penalties for Noncompliance
9. Resources for Employers
B. The Equal Pay Act
1. Coverage
2. Records to Retain
3. Retention Period
4. Location and Inspection
C. The Immigration Reform and Control Act
1. Coverage
a. Covered Employers
b. Covered Employees
2. Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
3. Rehired Employees
15-449 employee reCorDs
4. Record Retention
5. Form of Retention
6. Location and Inspection
7. Penalties for Noncompliance
a. Illegal Document Abuse
b. Penalties for Failure to Comply With Form I-9 Requirements
8. Resources for Employers
a. Hotlines
b. Handbook for Employers
c. USCIS Website
D. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
1. Overview
2. Records of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
a. New 2002 Recordkeeping Requirements
b. Coverage
c. Records to Retain
(1) Changes to Annual Summary Requirements
(2) Changes to the Definition of “Recordable Occupation Injuries and Illnesses”
(3) Improved Definitions of “Medical Treatment” and “First Aid”
(4) The New Test to Determine Whether an Injury Is Recordable
d. Retention Period
e. Reporting Requirements
f. Annual OSHA Injury and Illness Survey of Ten or More Employers
g. Access to Records
3. Employee Medical and Exposure Records
a. Coverage
b. Employee Medical Records
(1) Retention Period
(2) Employee Access
c. Employee Exposure Records
(1) Retention Period
(2) Employee Access
d. Form of Retention
e. Agency Access/Posting Requirement
4. OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
a. Coverage
Texas employmenT law 15-450
b. Records to Retain
(1) Written Hazard Communication Program
(2) Material Safety Data Sheets
5. Posting and Notice Requirements
6. Penalties for Noncompliance
7. Resources for Employers
E. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
1. Coverage
2. Reporting Requirements
a. Employer Information Reports (EEO-1 Reports/Standard Form 100)
(1) Who Must File
(2) How to File
(3) When to File
(4) Required Information
b. Apprenticeship Information Reports (EEO-2 Reports)
3. Record Retention
a. Employer Information Reports (EEO-1 Reports)
b. Apprenticeship Information Reports (EEO-2 Reports)
c. Personnel and Employment Records
d. Charge of Discrimination
e. Employee Selection Procedures
f. Apprenticeship Records
4. Posting and Notice Requirements
5. Penalties and Enforcement Proceedings
F. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
1. Coverage
2. Records to Retain/Retention Period
a. Regular Employment Records
b. Personnel Action Records
c. Benefit Plan Records
d. Records Relevant to EEOC Enforcement Action
e. Alternate Retention Periods
3. Form of Retention
a. Place of Retention
b. EEOC Access to Records
4. Posting and Notice Requirements

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