Employee Engagement Isn't What It Could Be, Survey Finds.

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Many organizations face difficulties in capturing consistent employee feedback and accurately assessing engagement. A recent survey also points gaps between how effective management and employees think talent management programs are. Public- and private-sector organizations can use this information to examine their own practices and to close potential gaps between business leaders and employees in critical areas, including feedback and engagement, training, performance management, and career development.

One of the main issues the "2017 State of Employee Engagement Report" notes is when employees don't have an effective feedback channel. Employees are rarely asked for feedback, with 58 percent of employees reporting that they are asked for feedback just a few times a year or less. Only 42 percent of employees surveyed said they had a way of engaging with the business and sharing their feedback.

When companies do solicit feedback, they don't do it effectively, according to the report. "They often use external consultants, broad manual surveys or cumbersome interviews to...

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