Emphasizing family time, healthy work hours can boost productivity and reduce turnover.

Author:Corn, Wade A. "skip", Jr.

Employees come with different kinds of personal responsibilities. They appreciate an organization that does its best to give them time to meet those obligations.

The cornerstone of every restaurant is its employees. They're the face of your business, whether they work in the back of the house handling logistics and food preparation, or out front as hosts and servers.

The founder of Egg Ventures, Chris Skodras, grew up working in a family restaurant that served three meals each day. He loved the restaurant business, but observed that it was not a family-friendly environment for employees who often became stressed about juggling work and family. Evening shifts often meant missing important children's events like ball games and school plays. Often, the productivity of good workers suffered because of such pressures, and turnover occurred too frequently.

After Chris married, he and his wife, Pat, began to think about better ways to run a restaurant. Their plan involved limiting hours from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and concentrating on just two meals, breakfast and lunch. When the first Eggs Up Grill opened in 1986, they began building the brand's reputation, cultivating happy customers, and providing employees with flexibility to better address some of the stresses associated with balancing work and family.

Franchising began in 2006 and today, there are 22 Eggs Up Grills that operate on those principles. The franchisees pride themselves on having healthy and happy employees and low turnover--a rarity in the restaurant business. The number of franchisees continues to grow.


It's easy to say that a business is family friendly. But Eggs Up Grill has never made a big deal of saying that. Instead, the company lives it. And. the way its employees interact with customers backs that up.

Priority is placed on employees' need for family time. In today's world, employees come with all different kinds of personal responsibilities, and they appreciate an organization that does its best to give them time to meet those obligations. There are working moms with families to care for, single moms and dads juggling the responsibilities of kids, home and work on their own and even grandparents handling a second family act by raising their grandkids. Because the stores are not open after 2:00 p.m., employees have time to do what they want to do in life. They can pick up the kids after school, participate in after-school events, and even manage...

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