Emissions expected to decrease via exports.

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Exporting natural gas to Asia or Europe will not cause increased greenhouse gas emissions, according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Natural gas, and specifically liquefied natural gas (LNG), has caused a major debate in the U.S. as a potentially cleaner source of energy. As domestic natural gas production has increased, it has been questioned whether exporting natural gas in the form of LNG to replace gas in Europe or coal in Asia would result in increased greenhouse gas emissions.

"We went a step beyond just the emissions from exporting the natural gas and looked at how it might be used when it gets to its destination, such as to displace coal or other forms of natural gas," explains corresponding author Leslie Abrahams, a doctoral student in engineering and public policy and civil and environmental engineering.

In the majority of outcomes considered by the researchers, the...

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