Emerging technologies & trends in the Detroit region.

Author:Shapiro, Mike

In terms of emerging technology, there are a few industries in particular that are standing out among the rest in our region. Here's a quick look at them.

Alternative Energy

Driven to a great degree, at least locally, by the automotive industry's thirst for the latest technology that will make the next electric vehicle affordable, free from range anxiety and connect to an efficient smart grid, new ideas and companies are moving fast. Alternative energy for more general applications such as wind and solar continue to develop, although we feel strongly that more early success can come from alternative energy's dull step-sister: energy efficiency. Advancements in energy efficiency, although certainly less sexy, seem to offer the most immediate reward as it is really only limited by adoption. The barriers of other energy independence solutions are much greater: behavioral change, technology advancement, government intervention and cost.

In-Vehicle Technology

What is also often referred to as infotainment has moved well beyond just plugging your iPod into your car's audio system. With obvious relevance in the automotive industry, we also find many in-vehicle technologies crossing over into the defense and medical industries as well. Companies...

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