Embracing change.

Position:Industry outlook 2009

Q: When you look at successful manufacturers (or customers), the ones that have been able to thrive with all the unique challenges now, what are the key ingredients to their success and innovation? What relationship does that self-evaluation have with its ability to change with the times?

To Sandvik Coromant president John Israelsson, innovation begins with the ability to recognize and embrace change.


"Companies need to constantly challenge themselves and evolve with the times," he said. "Those that do not will have trouble sustaining long term Success."

Whether it be people or companies, Israelsson said, "The successful ones are never satisfied; they never sit back and say 'Now there are no more improvements.' They continuously work within their company and with their suppliers to take new ideas and new technologies and implement them in their production."

Israelsson cited the different ways in which automation can be used effectively, allowing a company's human resources to be more cleverly applied in production. Automation, he said, will grow ever more vital as companies need to be...

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