Ellis online MBA looks good.

Author:Walsh, Donna

Business Organization and Administration, six weeks, Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology (http://ellis.nyit.edu/ellis/mba/, 800-405-5844), $1995 per three-credit course, $150 per course for books and materials, $3,060 for MBA specialization.

The six-week online course, Business Organization and Administration, is one of the core courses required for an Ellis MBA. Each week focuses on one of the six parts of the course's required textbook, Management by Richard L. Daft. They are Introduction to Management, The Environment of Management, Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.

In addition to the textbook, the online course link provides additional learning opportunities. You, the student, are part of the management team in an organization that is about to undergo a merger with another organization. Each week you travel the maze that emerges, following unexpected twists and turns--just like real life.

Three written assignments needed to be completed for each part of the course. The assignments included a weekly challenge question, task, and report.


Our instructor, Leroy Lowe, was excellent. He was well versed in the course material. He established a good balance of interacting with us during the six weeks without monopolizing the discussion. He provided specific, genuine feedback and praise when warranted. I especially appreciated his dedication to our course. Frankly, I wasn't expecting the eye to detail and the high expectations that Professor Lowe set for us. He did an excellent job of not only returning our assignments in a timely fashion but also providing a thorough job of commenting on our writing, providing detailed and constructive feedback that dealt with both the strengths and weaknesses of our assignments.


The Business Organization and Administration online course is well designed with the business professional in mind. It blended case studies and real-life examples with current research and data. Although this topic can be...

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