Elevate Packaging announces certified compostable labels made from sugarcane.

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Elevate Packaging, a specialist In sustainable packaging and labels, and partner Bio4Life B.V., have announced the compostable certification of the Pure Labels sugarcane adhesive label product line made with Bio TAK adhesives.

Richard Cohen, CEO and president of Elevate Packaging, comments, 'This certification is for our clients, it firmly establishes 100% confidence the Fire Labels product line is the first and the only certified compostable adhesive label available anywhere."

The company says its Pure Labels product line offers the widest range of sustainable and eco-friendly adhesive labels available throughout North America, including Sugarcane, Clear BioPlastic, FSC-certified paper, Direct Thermal, and Metalized Silver adhesive labels.

Sugarcane fiber, also known as bagasse, is a discarded byproduct of sugar production. By using this fiber to make paper for compostable packaging and labels, these eco-friendly packaging solutions carry an additional benefit of avoiding greenhouse gases, since the fiber is generally disposed of by burning and polluting the air with plumes of smoke-filled greenhouse gases.

The quality and strength of sugarcane paper is excellent for making high-quality adliesive labels. Sugarcane waste is superior to wood pulp due to its much denser celulose fibers. The sugarcane paper label...

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