Election 2006: additional endorsements announced by The Ohio Society of CPAs.

Author:Paul, Kenneth
Position:Capitol Access

Election Day 2006 is fast approaching, and this year could be pivotal in determining the future of our state. Ohioans will vote for a new governor and all executive offices, select a U.S. senator and Ohio's federal House delegation, plus decide numerous Ohio General Assembly races and elect two Supreme Court justices. Now more than ever, your vote matters.

On the following pages, you will find a list of the candidates for public office officially endorsed by the Ohio Society of CPAs as of press time. Additional races are still under consideration. The 2006 election features a slate of candidates with significant leadership experience, and the Society's endorsements reflect the tireless efforts of CPAs across the state who have studied each candidate's qualifications carefully.

Endorsements are issued by the Society's Executive Board, but reflect the recommendations of CPAs serving on regional and statewide endorsement screening committees. Decisions are based on who is the best candidate to lead Ohio with regard to the interests and concerns of CPAs and businesses across the state. Candidates' stances on social issues are not considered during the evaluation process.

The Ohio Society of CPAs strongly encourages all members to carefully review the list of endorsed candidates and to vote for who you feel will best serve your interests as a CPA. If you are not registered to vote, you may do so until Oct. 10. If you are a registered voter but have moved within the state of Ohio since the last election, now is the time to update your registration. If you are unable to do so prior to the October deadline, you may still be able to vote at your previous voting location, or you may vote via provisional ballot in person at your county Board of Elections.

If you're certain you are registered to vote but are unsure whether you will be in town on Election Day, Ohio CPAs are encouraged to vote via absentee ballot. Ohio law has changed to allow absentee voting for any reason and any voter can cast their ballot up to 35 days prior to Election Day.

Voter information is available through the following means:

* The Ohio Secretary of State's Web site at http://www.sos.state.oh.us/

* Through your county Board of Elections

* Contacting The Ohio Society of CPAs at government@ohio-cpa.com or 800.686.2727.

Do your part to protect Ohio's future: vote on Nov. 7.

Endorsed Candidate for Ohio Attorney General

Betty Montgomery, Auditor of State

Betty Montgomery, Ohio's current Auditor of State, previously served as Ohio Attorney General for eight years. Her exemplary record of public service earned Montgomery the Society's endorsement for Attorney General in the past, as well as for her current role as Ohio's state auditor where she has continued to serve Ohio with integrity. The Ohio Society's Executive Board agreed with the screening committee that Montgomery is the best qualified and most experienced candidate for Ohio Attorney General, and endorsed her candidacy once again. Montgomery has indicated that, if elected, she looks forward to continuing the positive and cooperative relationship she has enjoyed with The Ohio Society of CPAs, and will continue to represent Ohio with the same principles and high ethical standards shared by Ohio CPAs.


Endorsed Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State

Greg Hartmann, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts

Greg Hartmann...

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