Eleanor to Hillary: just do it.

Author:Clinton, Kate
Position:UNPLUGGED - Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton

In his book The Choice: How Bill Clinton Won, Bob Woodward tells the backstory of the 1996 election contest between President Clinton and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. In one passage, Woodward reveals that First Lady Hillary Clinton had imaginary talks with Eleanor Roosevelt during multiple sessions conducted by a spiritual adviser, Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research. And yet Hillary gets no credit for being way out in front of the mindfulness movement.

In another bit of that hard-hitting, investigative journalism everyone says they miss, Woodward also claims that Hillary Clinton declined Houston's invitation to talk with Jesus Christ because it would be too personal. Apparently, Hillary has always been skittish about transparency.

Writing as I am in advance, with the assumption that Clinton will win the election, I just hope Eleanor and Hillary are still talking. They don't need a spiritual adviser. Eleanor could channel advice through Hillary's hair stylist or makeup person. It's the one time during the day that Hillary gets to relax. With Eleanor it wouldn't be, "Oh, hey girl, how you doin'?" More like, "Here's some suggestions for the first hundred days." Here's what she might say:

"First of all, lose the caution. You won. You've got to hit the ground running. When Franklin became president during the worst days of the Great Depression, he acted fast to restructure the banks, get Americans back to work, and restore confidence in government. You think you've got haters? Puh-lease.

"Don't even worry about getting re-elected. And don't bring those old Friends of Clintons into your administration. Having too many of those FoCers sends the wrong message. Actually send Bill to the Middle East and tell him he can come home when there's peace there. He didn't get it done when he was President and you know it still bugs him.

"But you can move Huma into the White House with you. She'll bring her son. He can work with Chelseas kids in Michelle's gardens. Keep the gardens. After your inauguration, invite some Republicans over to watch the Super Bowl. Paul Ryan will say he needs to spend more time with the family. But you made the gesture. Don't even bother with McConnell.


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