EIM celebrates Eugene Singer Award honor.

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* The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) formally recognized Electronic Imaging Materials (EIM) with a 2016 Eugene Singer Award for Best Managed Company, edging out over 30 fellow label printers and converters of its size in the US and Canada. The award was presented atTLMI's recent annual Converter Meeting in St. Pete Beach, FL, USA.

TLMI is a premier trade association for the label and packaging printing industry, and each year the association recognizes four label converters with one its highest honors. The four awards given are based on company size, and EIM became eligible in the "mid-range" bracket after two previous years of participation in the TLMI Management Ratio Study. The study awards excellence from an objective set of growth and profitability metrics such as annual gross sales increase and inventory turnover.

This achievement comes just in time to celebrate EIM's 30th anniversary of its incorporation this May. Thirty years ago, Paul and Sue Henkel decided to enter the manufacturing world...

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