Egyptian consumers still confident.


On February 6, 2007, several media outlets reported second half 2006 results of the twice annual MasterIndex of consumer confidence surveying selected markets. Among the countries polled was Egypt where confidence declined 4.8 points to 78.2 compared with 83.0 in the first half of the year. The survey scale is from 0 to 100 with scores above 50 indicating positive consumer perceptions six months ahead, and under 50 indicating negative perceptions.

The survey is conducted by Mastercard International on the Internet. Expressed views, therefore, are likely to reflect upper income consumers since Internet access is required.

While second half 2006 results were lower than first half 2006 results, Mastercard International reported that Egypt's first half results were an all time record for the survey. Second half 2006 results were higher than second half 2005 results (62.3) and higher, as well, than the country's historical average, which is 57.2.


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