Education in the U.S.

Author:Kephart, Wes
Position:READER'S FORUM: VIEWS ... COMMENTS ... SUGGESTIONS - Letter to the editor

Too often, Americans overlook the obvious as well as rely on "solutions" that shouldn't be expected to yield desired results. As professor Gropman points out in "Waning Education Standards Threaten U.S. Competitiveness," (June 2008), the No Child Left Behind Act has failed to meet the 2006 deadline of having a "highly qualified" teacher in every classroom.

Teachers remain poorly paid and the era of wanting to teach kids out of the kindness of their hearts is, for the most part, over. What gets rewarded, gets done. If we want top notch teachers turning out top notch students, we have to pay for it which means teachers salaries must come up significantly--stop paying for programs and start paying teachers. Although there are a lot of parents out...

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