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The League has developed five areas of concern to guide its work at the federal level on election reform issues in 2005. These areas are: provisional balloting, statewide computerized voter registration lists, voting systems, polling place operations, and poll worker recruitment and training.

In early March, the LWVEF hosted a lively forum, "Election Reform--Where Do We Go From Here?" A select group of 45 leading election officials, activists from citizen organizations, academics, journalists and other experts from across the country participated in this off-the-record discussion. Six panels of experts discussed issues, including statewide voter registration databases; provisional balloting; polling place operations; the impact of voting technology; the challenges facing the election workforce (both election administrators and poll workers); and what new approaches could be developed to improve the elections process. Participants enjoyed the unique opportunity to explore issues in give-and-take discussions leading to enhanced understanding among practitioners, activists and academics. See page 11; access full report at


LWVEF successfully completed the latest phase of its work on the "Our Democracy, Our Airwaves" campaign, a nationwide public education effort to revitalize competition in our democratic process by ensuring that the public airwaves serve as a forum for open and vibrant political debate, especially among candidates. With funding from the Alliance for Better Campaigns, Leagues nationwide have engaged the public by holding community forums, working in partnership with other organizations and institutions, and drawing media attention to the issue. LWVEF will continue its membership in this important coalition, sharing updates and developments with League members. Meeting-ready materials are available at or contact


After four successful years, including two presidential election cycles and a record-breaking 2004, DNet will not be operational in 2005 as we strategize about the future of this nationwide online voter information project. Meanwhile, the League has launched the Online Voters Guide project, through which state and local Leagues can make their traditional candidate and ballot measure information available nationwide and throughout their state via the LWVUS Web site Voter Information section.

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