Educating Patients and Families About Mental Illness: A Practical Guide.

Author:Jorgensen, Lou Ann B.

This book, an educational manual with all the teaching materials included, will be of great interest to educators, mental health professionals, and program planners working with patients with mental illness and their families. It is presented in a loose-leaf format and developed in modules. The author presents educational materials that have been developed over 12 years of research and experience in working with this population.

The book enables professionals to provide patients and families with information that will assist them in understanding and handling mental health problems on a short- and long-term basis. The philosophy of the author is that the patients and their families have a right to know all they can about mental illness and that with this knowledge they will be better decision makers about their own care. The guide can be used to establish teaching programs in psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, mental health therapeutic communities, and various other health and mental health arenas. Part 1 discusses the rationale for the educational materials to be used, a biopsychosocial model to develop treatment approaches, and knowledge skills and implementation formats for...

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