Editors' Note

Published date01 September 2018
Date01 September 2018
Editors’ Note
As editors of the Law and Society Review, we have had a number
of inquiries about possibilities for special issues. All were great
suggestions, based on diverse and engaging ranges of scholarship
and scholars. Uncomfortable with an ad hoc process, we put a for-
mal call for special issue proposals up on the journal’s website. We
received several excellent submissions and the selection of two
was tough—all promised exciting collections of essays. Islamic Law,
Society, and the State is the first of the two selected special issues—
actually a kind of “mini” special issue as the focus takes up a part,
not the whole, of the issue.
It has been a pleasure to work with Tamir Moustafa and Jef-
frey Adam Sachs as the special issue editors. In their framing arti-
cle, the special issue editors set out an informative backdrop to
the collection and introduce the reader to the richness of the arti-
cles that follow. As well, Jennifer Balint, our book review editor,
came onboard, gathering book reviews that are on theme. Jenni-
fer has been a wonderful book review editor: efficient, flexible,
and diligent. We hope to have one more mini special issue in
press before our editorship wraps up, and promise that the next
focus will be as timely and critical as this one.
As we mentioned, this issue also includes three other articles.
These pieces—Sandra R. Levitsky, Rachel Kahn Best, and Jessica
Garrick’s “‘Legality with a Vengeance’: Re-Claiming Distribution
for Socio-Legal Studies”; Amelia Thorpe’s “Pop-up Property:
Enacting Ownership from San Francisco to Sydney”; and Mona
Lynch and Marisa Omori’s “Crack as Proxy: Aggressive Federal
Drug Prosecutions and the Production of Black-White Racial
Inequality”—expand the breadth of this issue in valuable ways.
So, enjoy this mini special issue and the articles and reviews
that accompany it.
Jeannine Bell, Susan Sterett, Margot Young
Law & Society Review, Volume 52, Number 3 (2018)
©2018 Law and Society Association. All rights reserved.

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