Editors Letter

Date01 September 2015
Published date01 September 2015
Editors Letter
Dear readers,
Please find below a statement, sent to us by Jacques Com-
maille, the current editor-in-chief of Droit et Soci
e, on behalf of
his journal’s editorial board and on the occasion of the 30
versary of his journal. We are pleased to grant Professor Com-
maille’s request to print this note. Together with Droit et Soci
the Law & Society Review is part of the larger ecology of law and
society scholarship and of the journals that carry it. No doubt,
within that environment, different projects occupy distinct niches,
partly marked by national or language affiliations. Yet, despite
such specialization, they do share a world, rich with overlapping
intellectual and academic agendas. A careful reading of Professor
Commaille’s statement and our editorial introductions to the cur-
rent and the past volumes of the Law & Society Review – and of
the journals of course – reveals both specializations and common-
alities. Cultivating exchanges and mutual awareness can only
strengthen both, the niches and the world we share. We wish
Droit et Soci
ea happy anniversary and many happy returns!
Timothy R. Johnson and Joachim J. Savelsberg
Co-editors, Law & Society Review
The significance of an academic journal
Droit et Soci
eis celebrating its 30
anniversary. This is an
excellent occasion to address the issue that justify the journal’s
existence: you, our readers and contributors. This is a wonderful
opportunity, too, to enter into a dialogue with other international
academic journals evolving in the same branches of knowledge
and pursuing the same goals.
This anniversary is less about celebrating the specific virtues of
one journal, than it is about sharing with other publications the
basis for accomplishing its mission of promoting knowledge-creating
Law & Society Review, Volume 49, Number 3 (2015)
C2015 Law and Society Association. All rights reserved.

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