Editorial: Welcome to World Food Policy

Date01 March 2015
Published date01 March 2015
World Food Policy - Volume 2, Number 1 - Spring 2015
Editorial: Welcome to World Food Policy
In this third issue, World Food Policy (WFP) presents articles, featuring global per-
spectives on food as well as food policies in regional and national contexts – rang-
ing from Latin America to Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. e roles of cross-conti-
nent actors are also explored in terms of implications for policy intervention. Several
articles revisit or take issue with the phenomenon with which food policy experts are
well familiar– the green revolution – but their arguments interestingly reect dierent
perspectives of the authors.
To introduce an interactive dimension to the journal, our editorial Board Member has
provided a version of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education
(IUHPE) Position Paper on food systems and health promotion – as a ‘LET’s DEBATE’
piece of this issue. We hope to gather over the coming three issues feedback on the ar-
guments contained in the paper – and to solicit further debate regarding the problems
being addressed.
e 2015 World Food Policy conference: e Future Faces of Food and Farming; Re-
gional Challenges, to be held in Bangkok, between December 17-18, is also expected
to provide an opportunity for presentation of research ndings and policy debates,
with the aim to generate an interactive, multi-disciplinary forum for the journal.

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