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Date02 September 2009
Published date02 September 2009
Gad Barzilai
University of Washington, USA,
and Tel Aviv University, Israel
Paul Berman
University of Connecticut, USA
Roger Cotterrell
University of London, UK
Jennifer Culbert
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Eve Darian-Smith
University of Massachusetts,
David Delaney
Amherst College, USA
Florence Dore
Kent State University, USA
David Engel
State University of New York
at Buffalo, USA
Anthony Farley
Boston College, USA
David Garland
New York University, USA
Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller
University of Hawaii, USA
Laura Gomez
University of New Mexico, USA
Piyel Haldar
University of London, UK
Thomas Hilbink
University of Massachusetts,
Desmond Manderson
McGill University, Canada
Jennifer Mnookin
University of California, Los
Angeles, USA
Laura Beth Nielsen
American Bar Foundation, USA
Paul Passavant
Hobart and William Smith
College, USA
Susan Schmeiser
University of Connecticut, USA
Jonathan Simon
University of California, USA
Marianna Valverde
University of Toronto, USA
Alison Young
University of Melbourne, Australia

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