AuthorJohn L. Worrall
Published date01 March 2019
Date01 March 2019
Subject MatterEditorial
John L. Worrall
Welcome to Volume 22 of Police Quarterly (PQ). It has been some time since my
last editorial, so what follows is a brief restatement of journal policies and an
update on recent developments and trends affecting the journal. Editorial pol-
icies remain essentially unchanged and are as follows:
Scholarship must be original and should invoke the scientific method. PQ is a
scholarly journal that publishes empirical studies on issues related to policing.
Traditional social scientific methods and reporting practices are preferred.
Papers must have clear policy relevance, and authors must devote careful
attention to them. As always, a sizable portion of PQ’s readership consists
of law enforcement executives, so the research must be of interest to—and
hopefully useable by—practitioners working in the field.
The journal generally does not publish descriptive studies and think pieces. It
also refrains from publishing perceptions-oriented research (e.g., citizen per-
ceptions of police), focusing instead on the actual and the applied.
Also consistent with past practice, the journal makes liberal use of desk
rejections. This is done for two reasons, namely to speed up the review process
and ensure reviewers’ valuable time is spent reading papers with the greatest
potential for publication.
In terms of changes, the journal has since 2010 benefitted from an impact
factor. The 2017 impact factor was 1.865; the 5-year impact factor was 2.283. By
both measures, PQ is the ranking policing journal. What is more, it ranked 20th
out of the 61 journals in the 2017 Criminology and Penology category.
Another change I have observed is that it is getting more and more difficult to
secure reviews. For every one reviewer who agrees to evaluate a paper, three to
The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX, USA
Corresponding Author:
John L. Worrall, The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX 75080, USA.
Email: worrall@utdallas.edu
Police Quarterly
2019, Vol. 22(1) 3–4
!The Author(s) 2019
Article reuse guidelines:
DOI: 10.1177/1098611119826730

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