Author:Steinberg, Shirley

You'll be receiving this issue at the end of the Summer of 2006, and looking towards a healthy and productive remainder of the year.

Many passages this year, including several beloved colleagues and friends, along with the scores of service women and men dying in the Middle East and the attempted annihilation of entire countries and cultures by empire-building neo-fascists in the West. And the children? We hear little of what is happening to schooling, teaching, and school-based education in general. Unfortunately, children and youth of the Middle East are getting an informal education of fear, hatred, and disgust of anything western ... much of it merited. Voices and words of protesters, writers, teachers, musicians, and kids ring to non-listening ears as the current politicos in North America and abroad bulldoze themselves into the lives and cultures of first, Iraq, now Lebanon, and most probably, Iran. Will it end?

And what will our stories be? What will our texts read? Will social studies students of 2016 know of the attempts to colonize and displace thousands of human beings? Will they know of the unabashed hatred of cultural groups of people...

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