Editor's Page - Volume 89, Number 3.

AuthorParkerson, Christopher B.

It is hard to believe my two-year term as Editor-in-Chief of the Defense Counsel Journal (DCJ) has come to an end. It has been an honor serving the organization. I have been humbled by the opportunity to work with the many authors who have contributed time and effort to make the DCJ one of the premier legal journals in the world. The knowledge, experience, and analysis that our authors brought to the DCJ over the past two years is second to none and being part of the process has been a highlight for me. I am continually inspired by the hard work and dedication of Amy O'Maley McGuire to the DCJ. The DCJ would not exist without her constant support and care. She spends countless hours working to make sure that the DCJ is delivered on time and is of the highest quality. Thank you, Amy. I also want to thank IADC Past President Craig Thompson for the invitation to serve in such an important role for the organization. I appreciate the trust that he and the other leaders of the organization put in me. It means a lot.

The job of Editor is tough but rewarding. Providing work product each quarter that relies on volunteers is a tall order, but the knowledge that I have been able to contribute to the members of the IADC through this forum has made all of the stress and effort worth it. I appreciate all the emails, phone calls, and notes commenting on articles or podcasts. Each time someone reaches out means a lot. I always laugh to myself that I receive any credit at all given the enormous amount of work that goes in to each DCJ by others.

The DCJ is now being placed in the incredibly qualified hands of Marsha Piccone. Marsha has worked hard the past two years as Editor-Elect and she is well prepared to carry on the tradition of insuring excellent research and writing related to relevant legal issues from around the world. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with Marsha over the past two years, and I look forward to following her work as Editor.

Last, but most important, I want to thank my wife Kimberly Parkerson for all the support during the past two years. She has reviewed all my notes, provided comments and ideas on how to address issues that arose during my time as Editor, and has been a...

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